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Jesus said, "Go fishing." –Luke 5:4

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Constitution and Bylaws




January 19, 1995

(updated to include all approved amendments through February 2007)


We, being a group of Christian men convinced of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and grateful to our Creator for his gift of lakes and fish and wishing to share the same with our fellow Christians, have formed a club. We have set forth this constitution to govern its affairs.



I.1. The name of this club shall be the Austin Christian Bass Club (ACBC).

I.2. The purpose of this club is to promote:

A. Christian fellowship

B. A consistent witness for the Lord Jesus Christ

C. Responsible stewardship of God’s gifts



II.1. Membership shall be open to any man who is an active member of any Christian church in the Austin area and who is at least eighteen years old. Fifteen to eighteen year old males may become ACBC members under the following provisions. The candidate for membership must be related to a member and must come with a favorable recommendation from two members other than the related member. A new member in this category will fish his first tournament with the relative or one of the sponsors and must bear his fair portion of all tournament expenses.

II.2. Club dues, as determined by majority vote, are due at the first regular meeting of each year. Members joining during the year will have their club dues pro-rated on a monthly basis.



III.1. Officers shall be elected each December and take office in the January following. Any vacancy occurring during the year will be filled by simple majority vote of the membership at the meeting following the occurrence of the vacancy.

III.2. The officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four Directors.

III.3. The President shall preside at all meetings, call any meetings necessary, give attention to all matters requiring his assistance, and enforce all policies of this club.

III.4. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President. He shall perform all duties assigned by the President. His particular responsibilities shall be club programs.

III.5. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of each meeting, handling correspondence, keeping tournament records, ordering awards, and publishing a monthly newsletter.

III.6. The Treasurer shall preside in the absence of the President and Vice-President. He shall be responsible for handling and accounting for all club funds. He shall prepare monthly and annual fiscal reports.

III.7.1. The Directors shall render assistance to new members and work closely with the President in handling tournaments as assigned. Each director will be assigned a portion of the club membership for the purpose of contacting to encourage attendance and participation in club functions.

III.7.2. The Tournament Director will be appointed by the president from among the elected Directors. The Tournament Director will supervise lake selection, team selection, and participation in club tournaments.

III.7.3. The president from the previous year may sit on the executive committee and serve as a fifth director.

III.8. The officers of the club, meeting in committee, will constitute an Executive Committee. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President for the conduct of business.



IV.1. The constitution and by-laws of the ACBC can be amended only by submitting the proposed amendment in writing to the Secretary for inclusion in the newsletter. The submitted amendment will be voted on at the meeting following its publication. A two-thirds majority of members attending is required for passage.



V.1. Tournaments will be held on the third Saturday of each month except for the month of December when the tournament will be held on the first Saturday to avoid Christmas Holiday conflict. Club meetings will be held at 7:00p.m. on the Thursday immediately preceding the fishing Saturday of the month. These dates may be changed by the Executive Committee under special circumstances.

V.2. Club meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Christian principles.

V.3. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited at all ACBC functions.



VI.1. The Executive Committee, by unanimous agreement, is empowered to remove from membership any person who by willful action refuses to abide by this constitution and by-laws. Such person removed will receive a refund of their annual dues.



I.1. There shall be no cash awards at any ACBC monthly tournament.

I.2. Tournament awards shall consist of appropriately engraved trophies or plaques.

I.3. Trophies shall be presented according to the number of teams participating in the tournament. First, second, and third place trophies will be presented if ten or more teams participate, first and second place will be awarded when five to nine teams participate, and only a first place trophy will be awarded when one to four teams participate. Placing of teams will be determined by creel weight. A team limit of ten fish, five per person, may be recorded.

I.4. The “Big Bass of the Tournament” award will be presented to the club member catching the largest bass in a monthly club tournament. Only bass over five pounds will be eligible to receive the “Big Bass of the Tournament” award.


II.1. Awards will be presented to the “Top Ten”, that is the ten club members amassing the greatest total weight of bass caught in club tournaments in that calendar year.

II.2. The status of the Top Ten anglers will be acknowledged by appropriately embroidered patches.

II.3. The top six of these men will receive trophies or plaques and may represent the ACBC in “Top Six” competition. Replacement participants will be based on those members placing next and who are affiliated with the specific tournament organization to be fished.

II.4. The “Johnny Mayes Sportsmanship Award” will be presented at the annual banquet to the club member receiving the most votes cast in a secret ballot at the December meeting. The results of that balloting will be known only to the President and the President-Elect until the presentation of the award.

II.5. The “Back Seater of the Year” award will be presented to the club member amassing the greatest poundage of fish in club tournaments as a “non-rigger” in that calendar year. To be eligible as a “back seater”, the member may not have fished as a “rigger” in a club tournament in that calendar year.

II.6. The “Big Bass of the Year” award will be presented to the club member catching the largest bass in the public waters of the state of Texas in that calendar year. Only bass over five pounds will be eligible to receive the “Big Bass of the Year” award. To qualify for this award, the catch must be documented if not caught in an ACBC tournament. The catch may be documented by submitting a properly executed ACBC weight slip within two weeks of the catch to the Secretary or a Director. The catch must be appropriately witnessed (fish was actually seen by a witness other than the fisherman). Certified scales or the ACBC paperweight conversion chart can establish weight. To qualify, the fish must have been caught by the reporting member using artificial lures only. Non-tournament certified catches caught during the first part of a new year will qualify for “Big Bass” of the year if the submitting fisherman was a member during the previous year and re-joins by the February meeting of the new year.


III.1. The “Big Bass of the Quarter” award will be presented to the club member catching the largest bass, over five pounds, on an artificial lure from public waters of Texas, during each calendar quarter. The weight of the bass, if not caught in an ACBC tournament, must be determined by certified scales or by the ACBC paperweight conversion chart, with a witness other than the fisherman, and submitted to a club officer on a suitable standard form available from the club secretary by the end of two weeks following the end of the quarter in which the bass was caught. Non-tournament certified catches caught during the first part of a new year will qualify for “Big Bass” of the quarter if the submitting fisherman was a member during the previous year and re-joins by the February meeting of the new year.


IV.1. Tournament fees may be set at any meeting by a majority vote.

IV.2. No club sponsored tournament may take place on a Sunday.

IV.3. State, Federal, and local game laws will be obeyed at all times.

IV.4. Lake rules pertaining to restricted areas as marked will be observed.

IV.5. The only method of fishing permitted during tournaments is the casting of artificial lures; trolling is not permitted.

IV.6. To encourage “catch and release”, all fish, twelve inches or greater, may be measured, mouth open, and recorded on the club’s approved weight record sheet. Weights should be taken from the club’s approved Length-Weight Conversion Tables. “Legal” fish may be brought to the weigh-in for an actual weight to be taken. In this case, the actual weight must be shown on the weight record sheet.

IV.7. Lake selection, starting time of tournament, and the time and place of the weigh-in will be decided at the monthly meeting.

IV.8. Team selection will be done in such a manner that the same two people will not ordinarily fish together in a tournament twice in a calendar year. However, the overriding rule is fellowship. It is up to the discretion of the Tournament Director that such pairings may from time to time be necessary and will not disqualify the team so paired.

IV.9. Teams will consist of two members selected at the monthly club meeting or paired by the Tournament Director.

IV.10. It is incumbent on each member to notify the Tournament Director if they cannot fish in a tournament after having been selected and paired.

IV.11. A club member may fish in a tournament with an invited guest or alone providing that no member of the club wishing to fish will be prevented from fishing. The member/guest team must pay the team tournament entry fee.

IV.12. A member of a selected team may fish alone should circumstances arise that prevent his partner from fishing the tournament. The individual must pay half the designated team tournament entry fee.

IV.13. The approved ACBC shirt and cap should be worn during tournaments and at the weigh-in. New members may fish in two consecutive tournaments after joining without having the approved clothing.

IV.14. A team’s weigh-in sheet and entry fee must be turned in by the weigh-in time in order for the team to qualify for the tournament. The President or Tournament Director can extend the weigh-in time if in their judgment circumstances warrant such an extension.

IV.15. Each team member may present up to five fish of the black bass family per weigh-in. No pooling of individuals catches is allowed. All fish submitted for weighing must be of legal length according to State and local game laws.

IV.16. The President shall be the final arbiter of disputes at the tournaments.

IV.17. Club members must have on an approved life preserver at all times that the large boat motor is in operation. Use of a “kill-switch“ is recommended for the boat operator.

IV.18. Club members should not approach another boat without first checking with the fishermen for permission. A fisherman’s marker buoys, in use, must be honored.

IV.19. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, the individual weights of a disqualified team may be counted towards the member’s yearly total weight.


V.1. If no prize money is involved, the club will pay the registration fee for the team. The club may decide to provide some advance money to each team member to help defray expenses. This amount will be voted on by the club prior to the tournament.

V.2. If prize money is involved, the club will pay the registration fee, and the club may decide to provide some advance money to each team member to help defray expenses. This amount will be voted on by the club prior to the tournament.

V.3. If prize money is won, it will be equally divided by the participating team members with the club also receiving an equal share (i.e. divided 7 ways for top six tournaments or 9 ways for top eight tournaments).

Adopted at the December 1994 meeting to become effective on 1 January 1995, and updated with May 1997, December 1997, June 1998, February 2000, August 2005, and February 2007 amendments.


February 2000-amended Article V, Club Meetings and Tournaments, to show new meeting time.

February 2000-added Article V to Bylaws, Top Six/Top Eight Tournaments.

February 2000-amended Article II of Bylaws, Annual Awards, to remove reference to TABC.

August 2005-amended Article IV.14 of Bylaws to allow for an extension of the weigh-in time.

February 2007-amended Article III.1 of Bylaws to allow more time for submitting information regarding Big Bass of the Quarter.

February 2007-amended Article V.3 of Bylaws to change the distribution of any winnings by the Top6/8 team.